About Skye

Skye Katz has been creating a sensation with her floral designs and installations for nearly a decade, combining her love for flowers, her passion for design and her flair for fashion. Using shape, colour and simplicity to produce dramatic effect, her creations are bold, breathtaking and unforgettable. The designs are always integral to the setting, never just a backdrop.

Located in Yorkville, Skye has developed a sizable following, composed of many A-list clients who admire the trademark look and feel of her arrangements. Over the top orchids, an abundance of roses and hydrangeas, all composed with an array of beautiful plants have become favourites among her customers.

Flowers, Fitness, Fashion and Family

The Skye Flowers brand has developed to include elements of personal growth, mental and physical fitness and embracing the principles of a strong body and mind. Through harnessing the energy from the strong woman that she is, these qualities transfer to her stylish creations and has led to the Four Fs that compose the cornerstones of the Skye Flowers Brand–– Flowers, Fitness, Fashion and Family. She truly loves what she does, and this can be seen by the attention she gives to each and every arrangement that she creates.